Proposed Viewing Platform Overlooking Cotehele River

Bailey Partnership

“The proposed facilities will provide an important connection with nature that should highlight the importance of the AONB

Bailey Partnership worked closely with The National Trust and the Environment Agency to obtain planning permission to restore a flood plain through the Cotehele farmland. This was an important conservation project, which saved a lot of money as well as avoiding unnecessary repetitive repairs to the old embankment – “a never-ending task”. 

This Intertidal Wetland has already begun to create a prime habitat and a floodwater catchment area and aims to become a habitat that’s more welcoming to local wildlife. This scheme will improve the area’s resilience to the current changing climate as well as provide a healthier environment for both people and nature. It will also reduce flooding elsewhere on the Cotehele estate.

Long term, this habitat can help retain carbon and clean river water by trapping sediment allowing space for river water when the Tamar floods.

We are now continuing to support the National Trust with their planning proposal of a viewing platform. The proposed viewing platform has been carefully designed and positioned to minimise its visual impact upon the wider landscape, set against the stone boundary wall and woodland edge. It includes an accessible ramp with the aim to increase tourist numbers, support the local tourist economy as well as promote and facilitate educational and community interaction.

This ongoing development is located within the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Woodland Priority Habitat.

We look forward to watching this fantastic scheme unfold, allowing this part of the Tamar River to regain its natural form, attracting a wide range of wildlife over the next five to ten years. 

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