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“We made use of reclaimed bricks and masonry which originated from the site as well as using historically correct lime mortar and timber windows whilst retaining the existing structural features, and staying true to the historic architectural character”.

We have provided full in-house design services from an existing planning permissions’ condition discharges through to the construction of a beautiful barn in Culverhill outside of Tavistock which was considered to be a non-designated heritage asset.

The use of reclaimed bricks and masonry which originated from the site as well as using historically correct lime mortar and timber windows to retain the existing structural features, and ensured we were true to its historic architectural character. We are very conscious of the impact the construction industry has on our environment and believe the best barn conversions should be as environmentally friendly as they can be. Wherever possible, we choose to salvage existing materials and features.

We used a fabric first approach, meaning we were able to maximise the performance of the components and materials of the building fabric itself, before we considered the use of mechanical or electrical building services systems. This strategy ensured the building will have excellent levels of insulation. The building’s heating strategy uses a ground source heat pump to run an underfloor heating arrangement. This combined with low energy appliances, plus a photovoltaic and battery power supply, results in an extremely self-sufficient and sustainable off-grid home.

Our innovative design team has provided the client with a fully self-sufficient barn that in conjunction with a large PV array, battery storage (with a backup generator), a water borehole and wireless broadband, is completely off-grid.

To ensure local bats were protected and undisturbed, a new bespoke bat habitat in another adjacent barn was constructed. We also provided facilities for insects and several avian species within the barn’s elevations.

Our multidisciplinary teams hold a wealth of experience in understanding all the planning conditions and constraints involved in the construction of barn conversions. We will assist you with the whole design process from planning & approval of your conversion, full survey and architectural expertise as well as specialist space planning interior design services.

Services Provided: Architecture, Town Planning, Building Services Engineering, Contract Administration, Structural & Civil Engineering

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