Principal Designer Plymouth


At Bailey Partnership we understand the importance of having a skilled and experienced principal designer on any construction project. As a multidisciplinary construction consultancy, we provide planning, managing, and monitoring services to ensure that our clients’ projects are completed safely, efficiently, and within budget.

The role of the principal designer is critical in ensuring that a construction project complies with the design and management regulations. Our principal designers are responsible for coordinating the design work and liaising with the principal contractor to manage risks to health and safety. They advise the client on how to plan, manage, and monitor the construction design and management process, ensuring that all information relevant to the health and safety of the project is shared with all stakeholders.

During the pre-construction phase, our principal designers work closely with other designers (in-house or external) and contractors to gather pre-construction information and assess the risks to health and safety. They use their technical knowledge of the construction industry to identify potential hazards and advise on how to eliminate or control them. We ensure a health and safety file is prepared, updated, and revised as necessary.

Our principal designers play a crucial role in the monitoring of the construction process, ensuring that it is carried out safely and efficiently. They work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that the construction project meets the required standards and regulations.

We have a team of experienced principal designers who are equipped with the necessary technical knowledge and expertise to handle any construction project. Our principal designers will prioritise understanding clients specific requirements to deliver exceptional results.

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We have experts in Principal Designer  in Plymouth, Bristol, London, Exeter, St Austell, Manchester and Chichester offices.