Our Top 5 Tips for Preparing a Planning Application

Bailey Partnership

The planning process can be difficult, but there are things you can do to make the process smoother. Take a look at our 5 points to help you prepare for your planning application.

Be open and honest: It is best to keep neighbours informed of your plans whilst formulating your designs. Your neighbours will be formally notified by your Local Planning Authority during the planning process, so if they’re aware of your intentions, and you have a good rapport, this will mitigate any potential unfavourable comments impacting your plans. 

Be patient: Formulating your planning application will take time. An application requires a large amount of research and collation. Once submitted, it will take a minimum of 8 weeks to receive your decision.  By appointing a Planning Consultant they will liaise regularly and negotiate with the Local Planning Authority to ensure a favourable outcome. They will also negotiate on your behalf to ensure planning conditions are kept to a minimum. 

Plan for potential issues: Research your Local Planning Authority’s requirements and anticipate how this may impact your project. Identify any constraints which may affect your proposal, while meeting your needs, in line with planning policy. For your planning application to be validated, you may require supporting documents such as a Flood Risk Assessment, archaeological investigations, tree and ecology surveys. 

Be realistic: Each Local Planning Authority has their own adopted Development Plan to ensure proposals fit into  the local surroundings and landscape. When a planning application is submitted it will be considered fairly, ensuring that the proposal aligns with local and national planning policy.

Speak with a Planning Consultant: A Planning Consultant will know the national and local planning systems. It is a good idea to appoint a Royal Town Planning Institution (RTPI) Chartered Practice or Consultant who is a Member of the RTPI. This ensures your consultant is competent and takes part in regular training with the RTPI which keeps them at the forefront of planning, legislation and policy updates. A Planning Consultant can speed up the process and the likelihood of success. 

Our team of Chartered Town Planners have the knowledge and expertise to help with any planning query ranging from a bespoke barn conversion to large mixed use urban developments. 

Bailey Partnership offers free initial planning consultations. Get in touch to arrange yours.