BIM- Practice (and deliver) what we all preach!

Anita Barry

At the beginning of 2018 I joined the award-winning consultancy Bailey Partnership to take on a new challenge which combined two of my passions- BIM and Architecture. For me, the release of the Government Construction Strategy back in 2011 gave a purpose to my ‘methodical and technical approach’’ of working. It not only targeted reducing costs within the industry but strived to enable more time to focus on creating better buildings. BIM gave a purpose, direction and justification to move forward, I was immediately engaged and enthusiastic.

The development and understanding of standards, advances in software,  progressive and innovative technologies and the application of these to the daily challenges of being an architect have since inspired me every day. I continue to learn,  whether that’s trying to “practice what I preach”  or through the unexpected questions that you receive when lecturing or teaching our next generation. The greatest challenge has been trying to make others recognise the benefits, some are more receptive than others!

Bailey Partnership had already started their BIM journey when I joined but recognised that in order to enhance their offering and to maximise the benefits that a multi-disciplinary company could offer, the appointment of a passionate individual to continue to drive forward BIM within the business was pivotal. The enthusiastic and welcoming team have been extremely receptive,  this combined with the continuing and positive support of the Partners is already delivering results. Improving workflows and using modern approaches to collaboration are now enhancing the services we can offer our clients.  

Change can be difficult, and it’s easy to assume that current methods of working don’t need adjusting. Being open, listening and recognising the potential is a great start, and sometimes just making that leap of faith can ensure that you stay ahead and don’t get left behind. Bailey Partnership are committed to making positive and innovative steps forward and we are excited about our plans.


We are aiming to not just practice, but deliver, what we preach.