Bailey Partnership spreads festive cheer for a cause

Karen Alabaster-Oliver

In the true spirit of Christmas, Bailey Partnership’s teams across all eight offices, including those on site visits, embraced the season with festive outfits and a delightful bake-off. The occasion marked our annual Christmas Jumper Day.

This year’s festivities weren’t just about fun and flair; they carried a meaningful purpose. The teams united in support of Papyrus UK, our chosen charity for 2023. Papyrus is a UK charity dedicated to preventing young suicide and promoting positive mental health in young people. (

Suicide is a significant concern, especially among those aged 35 and under. Founded in 1997 by bereaved parents who had lost children to suicide, Papyrus is driven by the belief that suicide is preventable. The charity emphasises the unique perspective of those with lived experiences of suicide in fostering crucial conversations about prevention.

Bailey Partnership is honoured to have supported Papyrus throughout 2023. The Christmas Jumper Day and Bake-Off not only brought smiles and festive vibes, but also contributed to a cause that strives to make a real difference in young lives.

As we wrap up the year with warmth and goodwill, Bailey Partnership looks forward to continuing its commitment to community and social impact in the coming years. Here’s to spreading joy and supporting vital causes that touch the hearts of many.