Appeal Allowed in AONB & Heritage Coast

Bailey Partnership

Bailey Partnership are delighted to announce that we have secured planning permission at appeal for an agricultural building within the Cornwall AONB & Heritage Coast.

Bailey Partnership prepared a carefully constructed appeal submission to focus on the key issues:

Whether the proposal would result in such substantial harm to the AONB and Heritage Coast that it would outweigh the significant benefits of the proposal and;

Whether there was a demonstrable need for the development.

The Inspector concurred with Bailey Partnership’s assertion that the development would not have a significant impact upon the Cornwall AONB or Heritage Coast and agreed that the conditions of consent that were presented in the appellant’s appeal statement could overcome any concerns over visual impact. The Inspector also agreed that there is a demonstrable need for the development based upon the strength of evidence provided in support of the appeal.

For further information, assistance or support with a planning appeal or application please contact:

Louis Dulling MPlan MRTPI, Chartered Town Planner, Associate for Bailey Partnership 01752 229259